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Oscars – Post-Mortem Part 1

Oscars – Post Mortem Part 1

Robert and John have been friends for a few years. They like to debate on a wide range of topics, of which there are only a few that they come close to agreeing on.

Hey John, how’s it going?

Not bad, Rob, how about you?

Pretty good, did you see the Oscars last night?

Yes, I enjoyed them. Seth MacFarlane really pushed the limits with his hosting

Yeah, he pushed the limits alright, said Rob, right into the red zone of bad taste and misogyny.

What? Exclaimed a perplexed John. How so?

You saw the dance number he did?

Yes, so what?

Making fun of women’s breasts? Treating them as objects, dismissing the art of nudity and cheapening it by labelling it as soft porn?

Oh come on, Rob, you want to see women’s breast don’t you.

Well, I see the whole woman, not just the part.

Yes, so do I, but we’re talking a movie here not your spouse and anyway, breasts are sexualized in our society….

What about women who lose theirs to cancer. What do you think they think about the sexualization of their breasts?

Well, that is rather odd thing to ask though I acknowledge that some may feel dismayed by the attention to something they have sadly lost. That said, what do you think they think about the displaying them as so called art?

Well that’s different?

Is it?

Well may be not but anyway, what about cheapening what they are trying to achieve… as great actors …

Well, they can still be great actors, for what that is worth, but really, can’t it be both… Let’s face it, guys do not just want to see their breasts, but they are not, in most cases, going to say no…don’t bare them on the screen! Moreover, this is a comedic performance, a satire, and it doesn’t lend itself well to a bunch of upfront qualifications… Should SM just sang: ”we recognize it as art but we also enjoy seeing them… though we see them in the context of all of you and your great acting, personality etc… etc…” Pretty darn cumbersome, I say.

Well, may be John, but you should read this article I read on…..

To be continued….